The listing below represents some of the industry’s leading-edge manufacturers of lighting product and ‘smart’ lighting control technologies. Regardless of any lighting or lighting control needs, this listing will deliver a solution which is energy-efficient, reduce your lighting energy costs, and improve the luminous environment.

We are headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, we provide design, consulting, and lighting product marketing services throughout the greater East Tennessee region. Download the full list of vendors with whom we work.

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Who We Represent

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Leading-edge architectural LED downlights, linear forms, high-performance color-changing floodlighting, and in-ground accents, for singular lighting effects in interior or exterior environment.


Premium extruded luminaires for task, cove, under cabinet, cleanroom & structural accenting.


Highly detailed architectural-grade pendants, wall sconces, surface mounts, and table lamps for high-end hospitality, library, restaurant, and commercial interiors.


Broad LED-offering of elegant, economically-priced family of architectural indoor pendants, sconces, vanities, surface mounts, exterior and specialty luminaries, ideal for budget-driven applications, such as hospitality, entertainment, apartments and / condominiums.


Architectural-grade solid copper and brass landscape lighting luminaires for hospitality, retail, and upscale residential applications.


Emergency & life safety products, LED die-cast & thermoplastic exits, LED inverter systems for emergency lighting applications.

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The industry’s leading manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting systems and related controls for industrial, warehousing, data centers, cold-storage, food processing, parking structures, and many other applications.


Architectural ‘soft industrial’ wall sconces, surface mount, pendant and custom variation luminaires for contemporary retail, hospitality, and high-end residential applications.


Complete custom capabilities, interior or exterior architectural pendants, wall sconces, ceiling-mounts, for retail, hospitality, and franchise applications.


Intelligent networked lighting controls systems for municipal applications, embedded building control systems for maximizing lighting assets.


Full family manufacturer of architectural wall sconces, pendants, ceiling mounts, custom lighting, fixture restoration, for interior or exterior applications.


Complete lighting control for small to large commercial, industrial, and athletic facilities applications.


Complete offering of round or straight, steel or aluminum poles and custom designs for area lighting applications.

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Architectural color-changing / static-color LED forms for structural highlighting, ‘architainment’ lighting, building accenting, long-run plug-and-play linear lighting, for interior or exterior applications.

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High-performance LED lighting systems for static or color-changing architectural and landscape architectural interior or exterior environments.

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General purpose and specification-grade incandescent, compact fluorescent, HID, and LED downlights, cylinders, and steplights.


Architectural and specialty LED, fluorescent & HID luminaires for institutional, medical, cleanroom, & security lighting applications.


Architectural linear, specialty, & general purpose specification-grade LED and fluorescent, vandal-resistant, Occu-Smart® patented technology motion-sensor controlled lighting, custom and modidied designs.

Manning lighting

Architectural wall sconces, pendants, & surface mounts, traditional & contemporary shapes for interior or exterior lighting applications, custom designs.


Industry leading design-build manufacturer of high quality, extreme reliability, digital low-voltage networked lighting control solutions and intelligent building occupancy sensor products for the commercial/industrial building market.


Human-centric lighting leader with a significant offering of some of the most advanced LED product designs for sports lighting, industrial, education, and office lighting applications.

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Ceiling, wall or fixture-mounted low-voltage lighting controls for energy code compliancy and lighting energy savings for new or retrofit applications.


Broad-range offering of high-performance cove lighting systems, small-profile linear forms, marquis and mirror lighting, line and low-voltage festoon lighting systems, specialty LED medium base lamps.


LED technology life safety Exits & Night Lights for architectural & commercial interior, illuminated handrail, custom designs.


State-of-the art architectural solar lighting forms for landscape architectural, parking, pathway, roadway and security lighting applications.


Contemporary and traditional-styled architectural area, posttop, bollard, and custom period lighting and poles, custom lighting forms.


Architectural landscape poles, bollards and site furnishings of FSC and CradleToCradle certification, architectural aluminum poles and concrete bases, custom designs.


Prestressed spun concrete lighting poles for pedestrian, area, & roadway lighting applications.


Minimalist-influenced architectural linear, recessed, and continuous run fluorescent & LED forms, high-performance recessed downlights, specification-grade track lighting systems, for contemporary retail, commercial and hospitality environments.