Through the use of the lighting industry’s state-of-the-art design software, we provide virtual solutions, documenting the myriad possibilities of fixture performance, developing images which mimic lighting’s impact on architectural design elements and materials finishes.

Our design images have also been prominently featured by the software developer, Lighting Analysts, on their website, promotional videos, and other electronic media. If the need to know the justification for a luminaire choice is important to you, allow us to develop a lighting concept for you, too.


In-House Lighting Design Services

How a lighting concept performs in the built environment is best told by ‘seeing’ it!

Through the use of the lighting industry’s state-of-the-art design software, we provide a virtual solution (such as the image above), defining the myriad possibilities of fixture performance, while visually producing images which mimic lighting’s impact on architectural design and materials finishes. The OHG-generated image above creates contrast while maintaining the space’s primary gallery function with focused lighting on the large scale paintings on the wall, while the spot lighting on the racing triptychs draw the visitor into the space. One can almost hear the thundering hooves on the backstretch and through the Clubhouse turn…

  • Point-by-point lighting calculation data for commercial, site, sports and roadway applications
  • Lighting performance visualizations for any size project
  • Climate-based Daylight modeling
  • Virtual mock-ups
  • Visualized color-changing effects
  • Verification of lighting ordinance compliance (Light Trespass)
  • Lighting Power Density (LPD) results
  • Mesopic & Photopic performance results
  • Model Lighting Ordinance calculations
  • Lighting Audits, Performance & Energy Saving Analyses
  • Google Earth image capture capabilities for site lighting upgrades

Custom Lighting Concepts

Looking for a unique lighting signature?

From concept, to submittal drawing, to finished product, The O’Hanlon Group manufacturers can provide luminaires requiring only a simple design modification, to a complete one-of-a-kind custom product, to the restoration or replication of historical lighting elements for preservation or adaptive reuse projects, for any interior or exterior application.

Green Practice

We can all play a role in saving energy, shrinking our carbon footprint, and leaving the planet healthier than we found it. Be committed to do your part too, by using green lighting technologies. We can help you do so.

This is a philosophy we embrace as a company, and as this reality applies to lighting, our challenge is to provide design assistance, recommend systems, and represent manufacturers that integrate cutting edge lighting technologies and products that are environmentally-friendly and reduce energy usage, all the while satisfying the aesthetic needs of a project.

Our future on this planet, and all those who follow, is dependent on our effective, intelligent use of all natural resources.

a young female is helping her partner to have the same big idea

Lighting Education

Lighting advances today are moving at time warp speed. 

The O’Hanlon Group’s in-house educational and training facility is available for use by specifiers, installers, and distributors, or anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of current or emerging lighting technologies.

Our facility provides an ongoing series of lighting-specific programs for presentation at our Knoxville offices, or at a more convenient off-site location. We have presented lighting programs to both the local and state chapters of the American Institute Of Architects (AIA), have guest-lectured for the University of Tennessee and East Tennessee State University Interior Design programs, and continuously provide product and concept programs to individual architectural, consulting engineering, electrical contracting, and electrical wholesaler firms throughout East Tennessee. 

Contact us and we can expand your understanding of current lighting controls and controls technologies.